Sales Promotion

Do you want to spice up your sales?

Join the people who added action towers into their business and you too could increase your customer traffic drawn by the amazing presents inside the tower. You can also decide on a special offer and easily integrate it in the colorful balls inside the tower: discounts, benefits and prizes or any other marketing idea you can think of. All these will send satisfied customers to the tower to extract the prize by inserting the special coin - a small turn of the handle and your customer is holding his prise. This is an amazing shopping experience, an instant win.
Think of the customer's thrill, standing in front of the tower, putting in the coin and curious to know what he has won. What is inside the colorful ball?

Looking for an idea that will thrill your customers?

Locate the action towers at the entrance to your business and give your customers an unforgettable and surprising shopping experience. Inside the colorful balls you can put gift coupons, toys, or candy - anything is possible! The instant present your customers get and the opportunity to go back to the tower will ensure that they will come back again and again. So, what are you waiting for? Come and pick your tower.