DSH distribution ltd' imports markets and distributes automatic vending machines for gimmicks, Disney Kiddy Rides and action figures from world leading brands.
DSH Company is the exclusive representative in Israel of the world leading companies in the world.
It's possible to install the machines in all shapes and sizes and to modify them perfectly to any location - corners, large areas narrow or wide spaces. In shopping malls, retail food stores, cinemas and any other public place it is now possible to install the machines and enable the customers a more enjoyable shopping experience. The machines and the Disney Rides are impressive and attract a lot of attention wherever they are located. The colorful display and size does not allow anyone to pass by without stopping and experiencing the towers. The operation of the machine is easy and is done by inserting a coin, turning a handle and taking the toy or candy which's ejected.

The products inside the machines are carefully chosen by DSH. Our professionals travel year round to shows and exhibitions around the world to bring back the most unique and reliable products. The quality of the products ensures the customer's satisfaction and his return once again to the tower as soon as he gets a chance.

The DSH Company invests a lot of effort to ensure that our customers enjoy the products and machines:

Nation wide 24 hours customer service center that provides a solution
  to any problem in the field
Nation wide deployment of professionals in charge of constant quality
   control of the machines.
Continuous supply of tower content
Personal treatment for each customer

The DSH Company sets its goal to continue and lead the way in innovation and quality in the vending machine market. It ensures this goal by constantly refreshing its product line, maintaining high quality standards and keeping strong trust relations with its customers.